Lixin Zhao, director of economic and development bureau came to do research and inspection in Suzhou Anjie technology.
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Recently, the bureau chief Lixin Zhao, and deputy director Wenao Zha came to Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Ltd. to do the research, accompanied by living and construction bureau industrial park administration and Guangfu business-promotion office. HR manager Gang Xu received them.
Zhao lixin inspected the company's finished warehouse and facilities, and communicated with the manager about the fire situation in the company. During the line tour, Zhao carefully checked fire control safety inspection record, and take a closer look at station fire safety facilities, electricity system and the implementation of fire safety management system to see whether the fire extinguisher equipped and in good condition, and whether the evacuation passageway and safety exit was clear.
In the end, Zhao said that in hot summer, it is necessary to conduct safety accident investigation and build a safe and stable production environment. Anjie has always put safety in the first place, and will continue to do the work of fire safety and other safety production as always to ensure the safe production of all aspects.