Anjie Technologies convenes April 2018 Safety Conference
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Anjie Technologies convenes April 2018 Safety Conference
        Recently, according to the "Safety Production Law" and the relevant regulations of the local authorities, the EHS of the Department of Human Resources of Anjie Technology hosted the April 2018 Safety Production Conference. More than 20 people, including deputy managers, class leaders and clerks, participated in the safety meeting.
        At the beginning of the meeting, the EHS Commissioner briefly introduces the importance of convening this meeting from three aspects. Through this meeting, we can communicate with the supervisors of various departments in time. We also hope that the supervisors at all levels of the company will continue to actively support the production safety work on the ground.
        The conference summarized the results achieved in the course of our past work from four aspects: self-investigation, tertiary education, construction management, and fire control point inspection. Then, by citing the relevant laws and regulations, the workshop needs to improve in the areas of hidden dangers, third-level education, construction management, fire point inspection, etc., and clarify the future safety work content. Among them, it is emphasized that each workshop should pay attention to the self-inspection of hidden dangers in the area, and it is proposed that all responsible persons should carry out self-inspection of hidden dangers from four aspects: human unsafe behavior, unsafe state of things, environmental factors, and management defects. Make sure to eliminate the hidden dangers before they occur and ensure safe production. All participants in the meeting studied and discussed carefully.
        Through this meeting, we have raised everyone's awareness of safety risks, and also strengthened the ability of safe production management in an all-round way, laying a solid foundation for the company's safe production.