Anjie Technology Carries Out The 2018 Annual Employee Check-Up
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Anjie Technology Carries Out The 2018 Annual Employee Check-Up
        On May 5, 2018, Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Ltd. conducted an annual medical examination of employees. The company has always paid great attention and care to the health employees. Employee health is the company's greatest wealth, and is also the guarantee of company's stable development.
        On the morning of the medical examination, hospital doctors came to the company and placed required medical equipment in required area. Employees who take part in the medical examination wait in line for the inspection at the prescribed time, so that the various medical examination items are carried out methodically. When doctors had examinations, they give advice on their physical condition in due course, so that they can prevent early, detect early, treat early, recover early, and let employees know their own health status in a timely manner.
        After the medical examination, every employee who participates in the medical examination can receive a free nutritious breakfast. After getting the results of the medical examination, the company will feed back the results of the results to the employees themselves, and establish and improve the employee health files in order to better track the employee's physical health status, and build a safety barrier for employees to work safely and live a healthy life.
        By examining employees and paying attention to their health, the company not only enhances their health awareness gradually, but also has a clear understanding of their health status. In this way, every employee in work can have a healthy body as a backing. So that they can have a better mental outlook to do their jobs and make contributes to company.
        The company has always been very concerned about the health and safety of employees, abide by government labor laws and regulations, and care for the health and safety of employees. To carry out employee medical examination activities, fully reflects the company's "people-oriented" management philosophy. Let each employee to their own health status to "know", to ensure that the staff's physical and mental health. Through this medical examination, we can better mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees to love the company and love the post, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and promote the healthy and harmonious development of the company.