Anjie Technology held the 2018 annual fire drill
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Anjie Technology held the 2018 annual fire drill
        In order to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents and improve the fire safety awareness of all staff and the ability to deal with emergency event, Anjie Technology held the 2018 annual fire drill in the factory area on the afternoon of May 26 to train staff to master the correct fire escape method. The employees of the company actively participated in the fire drill.
        On 26 May, at 15:00, the alarm sounded and the regional security officers quickly organized their staff to evacuate the site in accordance with the prescribed evacuation route and to arrive at the designated evacuation site as quickly as possible. Each department quickly counts the number of people in the department and the actual number of people, and timely report to the commander of this exercise Qifeng Gu. Then, several volunteer firefighters demonstrate on-site fire extinguishing. When the pre-prepared ignition point burned, the volunteer firefighters used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire extinguisher and demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher correctly.
        Throughout the exercise, the process is closely arranged and compact, and all fire extinguishing action is fast and effective. All staff in full knowledge of firefighting, field practice firefighting process, but also training the ability to deal with emergencies quickly and decisively and the spirit of solidarity and collaboration.
        Through this fire drill, the ability of coordination and cooperation of various departments has been improved, and the organizational ability, command ability, and strain ability of the company's safety working group have also been exercised accordingly. It improves the ability of staff to respond to fire emergencies, enhances staff's awareness of fire safety, and promotes the improvement of emergency command, coordination and disposal capabilities, which is conducive to the efficient and orderly development of safe production in the future.